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Hair Loss Products

Hair on Top Shop provides the best quality branded hair loss products at very competitive prices. We specialise in hair loss and problem hair. Our experience of over 40 years in surgical, medical and cosmetic hair solutions means we are in a very good position to offer the most effective products.

Hair Loss Fibres

We provide a range of hair thickening fibres and applicators. These are suitable for a range of hair types and colours and provide a very natural look that can be styled to your needs. They can be applied in seconds and then styled by blending in with your fingers. A holding spray is applied to lock the fibres in place and this creates the appearance of a much greater hair density with a water resistant hold.

Hair Loss Products

As well as hair loss fibres, we offer a range of products to treat, control and disguise hair loss. From shampoos, to thickening sprays, scalp treatments, styling aids and even hair extensions and wigs. You can browse through our full product range using the navigation above.

Our Brands

We supply well known branded products, including Toppik, Mane, Spencer Forrest, HairMax and COUVRe. New products, brands and services are planned for future expansion of our website.